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Looking for an RV? We have what you are looking for!

Looking for an RV?  We have what you are looking for!

There's an RV for every lifestyle and every budget!  Come on in and explore the different types of RV's and find the perfect one for your family!  From Tent Trailers to Class A Motorhomes you will find the RV that fits your every need.  Do you want extra storage, two bathrooms a fireplace or an outside kitchen?  Whatever it is you are looking for we can help you find it!  Check out the different types of RV's below to get you started. 

Tent Trailer
Known as pop-up’s and fold-down trailers, these versatile, hard-working tent camping trailers have been a feature in many family histories. They are often bought as a first trailer, are lightweight enough to be towed by virtually any car and can be found in many lengths with options such as hot water, refrigerator, air conditioning and washrooms.

Hybrid Trailer

The hybrid travel trailer is a cross between a hard-sided travel trailer and a tent camping trailer with ends that pull out to offer more sleeping room. It’s lighter, often more affordable and can be towed by many popular family vehicles like mini-vans or SUVs.

Travel Trailer

The most common RV is the Travel Trailer. These compact homes can be towed by a car, SUV or pick-up truck and hauled all over the country. RV travel trailers come in endless sizes and many feature garages, roof top patios, bay windows, fireplaces, offices, hideaway beds, expanding sides, and lowering roofs. If you can dream it, chances are someone has already built a travel trailer to suit your needs.

Toy Hauler

The Toy Hauler RV is aptly named. Also know as a sport-utility RV, it allows you and your “toys” to travel to your favourite off-road destinations without leaving behind the comforts of home. Beds, dinettes and couches are typically designed to fold up against interior walls of the Toy Hauler RV to maximize rear cargo space for off-road vehicles such as ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, canoes, snowmobiles or motorcycles. But what really distinguishes the Toy Hauler from other RVs is a swing-down ramp that gives you easy access to all the fun.

Fifth Wheel

The spacious Fifth Wheels Trailer is towed by pick-up trucks using a special “fifth wheel” hitch. Known for high ceilings, lots of slide-out rooms and split level design, they’re the most spacious RVs available. But don’t let the size intimidate you, these comfortable RVs are easy to handle. Depending on the province you can even tow behind your Fifth wheel trailer.

Truck Camper

The Truck Camper RV gives you all the convenience and benefits of a trailer and still lets you take full advantage of your pickup truck’s towing abilities. It’s designed to sit in the truck bed with all the conveniences of a larger RV. Meanwhile, your truck is free to tow boats, car carriers, ATVs, snowmobiles or even a horse trailer.

Class A Motorhome

A Class A Motorhome is like a large luxury bus for you to call your own. The largest of RV motorhomes, they are constructed on a specially designed chassis and powered by either gas or diesel engines. Many Class A motorhomes have multiple slide-out sections that open up the living space and come with many options to make you feel at home like kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centres and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning.

Class B Motorhome

Also called camper vans or conversion vans, Class B motorhomes are an engineering marvel! Kitchens, washrooms with showers and they sleep up to four people; all in a slightly stretched full-size van with a raised roof. A Class B Motorhome is easy to drive, fits in a normal parking space, is easy on fuel, and can be used as a second vehicle.

Class C Motorhome

With its distinctive cab-over bunk, The Class C motorhome is an icon and the star in many RV adventures. Class C Motorhomes look like nothing else on the market, and are built on a commercial cut-away van chassis and come with all the amenities of any motorhome, so there’s sure to be one that suits you.

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