Friday, 4 November 2016

Rick's RV Corner

How do you protect your RV over winter?

Monsoon season has started early this year so how do you protect your rv over winter.
  1. Cover your unit with a breathable cover not a plastic tarp, the tarp traps moisture in the unit.
  2. Use a chemical or mechanical moisture remover an electric heater will work as well make sure it has a thermostat. 
  3. Leave your cabinet doors and your refrigerator open to prevent mildew. 
  4. Blow out your water lines with compressed air or use RV antifreeze through your water system.

If your not sure how to do the anti-freeze use your owners manual or check out our web site in the video section on how to winterize your uint,or better still come on down and ours parts staff will help with you winterizing needs and even buy you a cup of coffee.

Happy Trails!

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